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Buying a SIM

Q How to order a SIM Easy traveller SIM Card?


In a few simple steps:

1) Select the country you are travelling to

2) Select your preferred package

3) Click 'Add to Basket' 

Then proceed to the section checkout where you'll need to add your address details, confirm order and make payment. Your SIM package will be on its way! 

Q Why buy from SIM Easy?


Many reasons to buy from us!

1) Local SIM card are still the most affordable method of connecting. You may come across occasions when travellers use their existing SIM card and return with large data roaming bills. Data roaming is expensive. Local packages are much cheaper and you have the ability to control what you spend. Expect big savings when buying from SIM Easy. 

2) Avoid any unnecessary hassle finding local SIM card vendor. You may struggle to find somewhere to buy then try to negotiate in foreign languages, or wait in a long queue to be served. Buying and receiving the SIM package before you fly means  you can connect immediately on arrival; whether to inform your family / friends that you arrived safely, or finding your next destination. Enjoy a stress free travelling experience.

3) SIM Easy is unique in delivering your SIM card to your door with free international delivery.

4) SIM Easy negotiate the best deals with the strongest mobile operators ensuring you receive the best options considering network coverage, service and packages.

Q Which SIM card size do I need for my phone?


All SIM Easy packages come with a 3-In-1 meaning our SIM cards are compatible with all mobile phone types. If you have any questions around SIM card compatibility; are team is happy to help! Contact our team at [email protected]

SIM card size

Q Why does some countries require passport information?


Some countries require passport information including a copy of the passport photopage when connecting to a local operator. This is so every user is registered for traceability and national security reasons. Mostly, SIM cards will not activate until a user is fully registered with the mobile operator or national office. SIM Easy ensures these steps are undertaken to abide by local regulations as our products are 100% genuine and complient; we do not want to risk our customers SIM packages getting disconnected. Countries that require passport for registration are: China & Thailand. For other countries you do not need to provide at checkout. 

While we do request customers to send upload their passport photopage during the checkout stage of the website, SIM Easy fully appreciates the sensitive nature of personal information. All information and data collected on our website will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, disclosed or loaned to third partners unless third parties are contracted by us to process your order. Examples of third parties who may be privy to your personal information are our logistic partners used for order delivery, our payment services partner and the relevant government agency for SIM registration. We take reasonable steps to ensure that our partners are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information. Customers' personal information is stored on secured servers located in a controlled environment.

Q How to unlock my phone?


To buy any SIM Easy product you will need to ensure your mobile phone, tablet or pocket Wi-Fi device is unlocked. Generally, most devices are already unlocked therefore you may not need to do anything, however before travelling it is worth checking with your current mobile operator. 

To check the status of your device, or to unlock, contact your current mobile operator or service provider. Mostly, they can unlock your phone remotely and free of charge. Otherwise search online for websites that can unlock your phone, majority can offer this service free of charge. 

Locking is simply being locked down by your current mobile operator - they want exclusive custom of your device. Nothing changes to your device or existing contract during the unlocking process only it allows the freedom to choose any mobile operator of your choice. 

Delivery & Returns

Q Free international delivery with DHL


SIM Easy offers free international delivery worldwide with DHL (with tracking)

Your items are normally processed and dispatched 'next working day' upon the placement of your order. Upon dispatch you will be notified by email. Please note the free international delivery with DHL is not an express service and may take many days for delivery especially during holiday seasons. For a fee you can select DHL Express Delivery at the checkout. See 'Express delivery with DHL' below for more information.

Estimated delivery times are as follows:


Estimated Transit Time (Working Day)

Asia Pacific


Western Europe


USA & North America


Rest of the World 


SIM Easy is not responsible for estimated delivery times and will not be held liable for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of data or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind howsoever arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise due to delivery issues.

If your order is not received within the expected shipping time then contact our team at [email protected] We'll contact the courier service to gather where your order might be and contact you back within 24hrs. 

Q Express Delivery with DHL


With Express Delivery your items are normally processed and dispatched 'next working day' upon the placement of your order. Upon dispatch you will be notified by email whcih will also disclose your delivery tracking number. You can select Express Delivery in the checkout stage.

Estimated delivery times are as follows:

Asia / Pacific: 2 working days
Europe / Oceania / North America: 3 working days
All other areas: up to 5 working days

 Estimated price for express shipping:


Estimated price for express delivery

Asia Pacific


Western Europe


USA & North America


Rest of the World 


Note: Multiple quantities can be brought for the same shipping price.

Q My product is damaged / faulty


If your order is damaged / faulty or you are not fully satisfied, please contact us to resolve the issue. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] quoting your order number. Our team will promptly respond to your request. The SIM Easy team requires as much evidence as possible so we can investigate the issue. Please note if your product has been damaged with water, or damaged after delivery, customers will not be offered a refund. If the product is genuinely faulty then a full refund will be given. 


Q How to activate my SIM card?


A special service from SIM Easy - for most countries we undertake the activation process directly with the mobile operator. Our SIM card packages will activate when inserting your new SIM and turning on the device

To replace your SIM card:

1)    Turn off your phone/device

2)    Open the SIM housing (we provide a free tool with each order)

3)    Remove your current SIM card

4)    Replace with the new SIM Easy SIM card?

5)    Turn on your phone/device

*Read your phone operation manual before replacing SIM card.


Q What is the network coverage for my selected country?


Network coverage varies from one mobile operator to another. SIM Easy carefully selects the mobile operators that give you the best coverage for each country. You can expect strong mobile signal and 4G capabilities in towns and cities with possibly weaker signal in rural areas. By visiting the mobile operator website can often inform about the network coverage in the area you'll be travelling. 

Q What happens when I reach my package limit?


Customers will be notified by SMS when you reach your limit, whether it might be your data allowance, minutes, texts or you go beyond the package activation time. You can either top-up online or at a local vendor, mostly at very affordable prices. Specific information about how to top-up and buy extra packages can be found inside the SIM Easy packaging, otherwise contact us at [email protected] 


Q Need extra help? Contact our team 24/7


If you have any questions about our products, ordering and shipments, you can contact our friendly team anytime by emailing [email protected] We'll respond within 24 hours or sooner. Also if you wish to give any compliments or make a complaint to use the same contact address.